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When two people have decided to end their marriage, trying to pick up the pieces of life to carry on the art of living can sometimes be a challenge. Divorce is a serious matter as it involves two adults, their families and most importantly- innocent children! When two disputing adults decide to terminate their marriage and get a divorce, innumerable questions bombard their lives.

If you have decided to divorce your spouse, you may be facing several questions including: Issues of separation, annulment, child custody, visitation issues, matters relating to child support, property division and/or, domestic violence are some of the concerns you many have.

Hire an attorney who cares and who will handle the complicated legal issues involved in your divorce as you go about the business of putting the pieces of your life back together. We will help you with all the legal documents required by state law and will also assist you with various formalities so you can support and rebuild a stable life for you and your family.

Child Support

It is very unfortunate that many divorced parents fail to provide child support on time. Hence, federal law makes it mandatory for employers to automatically deduct stipulated amounts of money from the wage of the responsible parent/employee and send it to the State Enforcement Agency for the benefit of the child(ren).

Parents who fail to provide child support can be heavily penalized or even arrested. Failure to pay child support is a contempt of court. Child support orders can also be modified. If the earlier circumstances that gave rise to the child support order have considerably changed, then the court may consider the plaintiff's argument of a lowered or raised child support.

If you are not receiving your court ordered child support or need to get this process started, contact us today.

Q: Should I seek counseling during my divorce?

A: Yes. It is estimated that 40% people suffer from depression and chronic anxiety after getting a divorce. This can be avoided if divorced partners are provided divorce counseling. It is advisable to take counseling regarding divorce from professionals who can help you maintain dignity during the divorce proceedings. You need to set a good example in the eyes of your child. Divorce counselors can help you understand the importance of letting the past go by and to act wisely for the sake of the children. Divorcing couples can be counseled to maintain civil relationships with each other and cooperate well during visitations etc.

Q: How is child support amount determined?

A: The child support is decided by the court to ensure that the child can live in the same manner that he or she used to live prior to the divorce. There are specific guidelines for calculating the amount of the child support that needs to be paid primarily by the non-custodian parent. But generally the divorce child support includes the expenses towards food, lodging, education and medication of the child. Other than the usual child support the non custodian parent needs to take care of the life and health insurance premiums and cost of uninsured treatment as well. Though there are different guidelines for calculating the child support at different states there are few factors that are considered by the court to decide on the amount of the child support.

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