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Suggestions For Common Problems Facing Employees

When it comes to employment, one of the first things that employees consider is the ability and desire to work in a harmonious environment. Since offices are a mix of all types of people with different personalities, quirks and goals, it takes a concerted and intentional effort to create a thriving environment for everyone.

In this article, I will provide a few suggestions for employees who are facing an uncomfortable or unlawful environment at work due to their age, race, gender, nationality, pregnancy status, disability or religion, which are considered “protected characteristics.”

What Do I Do If…….?

A. I applied for a promotion but was denied because of my (protected characteristic)
  1. Retrieve a copy of the job description.
    a. Do you meet all the requisites?
  2. Find out what the employer used to make its decision.
    a. How do you measure up?
  3. Find out if the candidate who was hired was more qualified than you.
    a. Were you clearly more qualified than the candidate hired?
  4. Seek counsel and provide the information above.
B. I Make Lower Wages Than Other Employees That Work The Same Job As Me.
  1. What experience do your co-workers have over you, if any?
  2. What experience do you have over your co-workers, if any?
  3. How long have you worked for your employer in comparison to your co-workers?
  4. How does your performance evaluations compare to your co-workers?
  5. Who hired you versus your co-worker(s)? (i.e., was it the same or different person)
  6. Are there any differences between you and your co-workers?
  7. Seek counsel and provide the information above.
C. Employees Who Are Outside My [Race, Gender, Age] Are Being Treated Better Than Me (I.E., Given Advancement Opportunities Or Not Disciplined For The Same Infractions That Employees Outside Their Race Are Traditionally Disciplined).
  1. What examples do you have?
  2. What witnesses can corroborate your claim?
  3. Has the disparate treatment affected your pockets? How?
  4. Seek counsel and provide the information above.

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