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Understanding The Bounds Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that mentions that discrimination based on sex is prohibited. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 includes a provision wherein people who have been subject to sexual discrimination and/or harassment at their workplace can demand compensation and punitive damages. If you have ever been a subject to an alleged act of sexual harassment in your workplace in Houston, it is advisable and recommended that you speak to a sexual harassment lawyer in Houston.

What Counts As Sexual Harassment In Houston?

  1. Verbal sexual abuse,
  2. Cracking sexual jokes or dropping innuendo of sexual nature on a repeated basis,
  3. Sexually touching or grabbing a person,
  4. Sexually suggestive gestures on a repeated basis,
  5. Unwanted sexual conduct during off-duty hours,
  6. Gifting objects, giving promotions and job confirmations with the purpose of seeking sexual favors,
  7. Unwelcome standing close or brushing against a person on a repeated basis,
  8. Demanding a colleague to socialize after office hours even when the person has expressed his/her disinterest or declined to do so in the past,
  9. Raping a colleague,
  10. Sending porn or explicit sexual content via emails, messages and social media to a colleague,
  11. Posting sexually offensive images and other content in the office.

At The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC, a sexual harassment lawyer in Houston, will be the right person to guide and counsel you on the various parameters that can add up to become a case of sexual harassment at the workplace. In short, any kind of sexually oriented move – discreet or direct – that interferes with your performance at work or is responsible for creating an abusive hostile work environment can be classified as sexual harassment. Only a lawyer who has had the experience of handling cases pertaining to sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace and who has complete knowledge about the state and federal civil laws will be able to act fast and work effectively to seek justice on your behalf.

By going to the right sexual harassment lawyer in Houston, you will not only be fighting for your own justice but also by raising your voice you would be ensuring that others who work in the same work environment are protected against improper sexual advances and favors too.