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Fighting For Fair Pay And Fair Treatment

You have the right to feel comfortable in your place of employment, but gender discrimination can make that comfort challenging to obtain. Discrimination can make it difficult to be hired, difficult to achieve equal pay, difficult to access opportunities for promotion or necessary training and difficult to be treated fairly in the workplace.

No matter what form gender discrimination takes, I am ready to act as your ally and advocate in that fight. At The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC, I have worked for nearly two decades in employment law in Texas. I understand that these cases are often particularly sensitive, and I will support you while crafting a compelling case that defends your rights.

The Forms That Gender Discrimination Takes

Whether you have been the victim of sexual harassment or are fighting to be paid fairly for the work that you do, I am passionate about fighting for women’s rights in the workplace. Discrimination cases I have represented include:

  • Instances of sexual harassment
  • Disparate wages based on gender
  • Job decisions made based on gender rather than qualifications
  • Lack of hiring or promotion for women because of child-rearing concerns including child care, pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Change of treatment or opportunities for an employee returning from medical leave for pregnancy

Pay gaps between men and women are one of the most common forms of gender discrimination, and it can be complicated to identify. However, a skilled employment law attorney can help you get the pay you are due. If you are being paid unfairly, a lawyer can help you investigate the pay disparity and choose the right next steps for your case.

Don’t Face Gender Discrimination Alone

Whether you are fighting for equal pay or fair treatment, fight discrimination with an experienced employment law attorney by your side. I will help you fight to be treated as an equal in your workplace, and I will use my experience working on both sides of employment law cases to create a compelling case. Contact my Houston office online or call 832-559-2890 for a free initial consultation.