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What Should I Do If I Face Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination should never be tolerated. If you are treated unfairly at work due to your age, race, gender, religion, disability or nationality, it is important to speak up. At The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC, I understand how difficult this can be. I, Marjorie Murphy, have over 20 years of employment law experience and am ready to serve as your advocate.

While I am happy to partner with you through this difficult time, it’s also important that you know what steps to take immediately after the incident to give your case the best chances of success.

Protect Your Case With These Six Steps

  1. Dig out your employee handbook and find the sections that address discrimination issues or complaints. Read it 2x!
  2. Prepare a written discrimination complaint that can be sent to HR, your manager, whoever else the policy requires (and *possibly the perpetrator).
  3. Make sure that your discrimination complaint highlights the specific events of discrimination that you are complaining about with dates and witnesses, if any.
  4. Consult with an attorney concerning your written complaint.
  5. Keep a log of the events that follow your complaint to HR. Your log should include: the date of your complaint, HR’s response, any adverse acts or acts of intimidation against you post your complaint.
  6. Safeguard your evidence (e., tape recordings, emails, evaluations).

Your Employer Cannot Retaliate Against You

It can be intimidating to file a discrimination complaint. You may fear job loss, a demotion, loss of a promotion or continued hostility at work. Fortunately, you are protected by law against retaliation. If your employer takes negative action against you after you report an instance of discrimination, I can protect your rights and help you fight their illegal behavior.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Attorney

I understand what information and evidence are necessary to pursue your case. Having worked both sides of employment law claims in Texas, I can anticipate the other party’s arguments and successfully combat them.

I recommend taking action as soon as possible after the initial incident. When you are ready to discuss your situation with a trusted lawyer, call my Houston office at 832-559-2890. You can also contact The Murphy Law Practice online. All consultations are strictly confidential.