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Retaliation in Workplace, Houston, Texas

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are you the victim of Retaliation at work for Making a Compliant or Whistle-Blowing?

Retaliation in the workplace includes adverse actions taken against an employee for making a complaint of discrimination, harassment, filing a claim or reporting illegal activity by employer. Mild retaliation is generally a pattern of unfair treatment imposed on an employee for “stepping out of line”. Harsher retaliatory responses usually involve failure to promote, threat to job security, negative transfers, schedule changes, wage reduction, and/or termination. Regardless of the reason retaliation is unlawful!

Because such acts are done vindictively and underhandedly they can be a bit more difficult to prove, but if you have maintained good records and can present them coherently, I can get you justice.  Fill out the form below and I will get right on your case.


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