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Personal Injury in Houston, Texas

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There are many different types of personal injury cases. A few examples include medical malpractice claims, car accident claims, defamation or libel claims, intentional tort claims, dog bite claims, slip and fall or premises liability claims and toxic tort cases. The common thread among each type of personal injury case is that there exists a legal duty which was breached and that breach caused harm.

The law imposes duties on all individuals, including employers, to exercise a reasonable degree of care and caution so as not to cause harm to others. For instance, individuals owe one another the duty to avoid negligent or intentionally wrongful actions, such as reckless speeding when children are present in a school zone. Another example is that employers have a duty to hire individuals who are fit for their hired position. When an individual or a company breaches its duty of care and the breach leads to injury, personal injury law sets the rules by which the harmed individual/victim can recover damages. If you need a personal injury lawyer, I can help! Contact me.

What damages can I recover?

First, any money lost in relation to your injury must be repaid. This includes bills you or your insurance company paid and wages you lost.

Then the liable party must pay for pain and suffering. This includes pain and suffering you've already experienced and may experience in the future, especially if your injury is long-term or permanent.

The liable party is also responsible for emotional damages and missed experiences, whether educational, social or family related.

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