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Welcome to The Murphy Law Practice: Advocating for Employees in Houston, Texas since 2004. Book an appointment Now!

Advocating for Employees in Houston, Texas since 2004

At The Murphy Law Practice, I specifically focus on Employment Law.  I know every square inch of this playing field. I employ every tenet of the law to ensure my clients enjoy dignity in their workplace or damages due.   

I take pride in being a part of a very small fraternity of lawyers, idealist heaven-bent on correcting injustice.   If I take your case it is because I wholeheartedly believe you have suffered a grave injustice and I am committed to helping you secure your entitlements enshrined in the law. 

If you have suffered discrimination, wage abuse, sexual harassment, retaliation and/or any form of mistreatment at the hands of your employer and you would like redress, then I am probably the attorney for you.

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Areas of Focus


It's wrong when people make negative judgments about you based on your race, age, nationality, gender, disability, or religion.  If you think you have been the target of unfair judgment in your workplace, let me review your case today.

whistle-blower rights

If your employer threatens your job because you have reported an illegal act by the employer, as a whistle-blower attorney, I want to help.  You need not worry about your job after making such a brave stance.  You may have a whistle-blower claim.

malicious retaliation

The law forbids retaliation when it comes to many aspects of employment. If you believe you have been the target of retaliation at your Houston, TX  workplace (for taking FMLA leave, workers' compensation, or for filing an EEOC charge, etc.) let me review your case today.

sexual harassment

It's illegal if your employer allows you to be the subject of sexual advances, sexual favors, touching or sexual comments in your place of employment.  If you have faced ongoing sexual harassment, let me review your case.  I want to help!

Wage claims

The rights of employees to be free from abuse in their compensation is protected under federal law. If you believe your employer is not paying you for all your hours worked or for your overtime hours, contact me today to get the help you justly deserve.

Personal injury

Whether on the job or on a vacation, you are entitled freedom to move about in a safe environment.  If you suffer a malady due to negligence of someone or company that should have known better, then I want to help you get back on your feet. 


I defend
when others offend.
— Marjorie A. Murphy