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Addressing Age Discrimination

Age discrimination at the workplace is not passé – it pertains to unfair or differential treatment of workers based on their age. As per the Employment Act of 1967 (AEDA, US), the Age Discrimination criteria specifically mentions that employees who are 40 years old or above cannot be discriminated on the grounds of their age for work opportunities in terms of hiring or promotion or getting compensation or enjoying other benefits and privileges of employment. In 2018, a survey carried out the previous year at different workplaces in the US showed that at least 66% of workers aged 45 or more have faced some sort of age discrimination at their workplace. The survey was carried out amongst 3900 employees over the age of 46 years. (Source: AARP).Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1991, employees who have faced discrimination at work due to different reasons are entitled to financial compensation if it can be proven that the discrimination was intentional and based on a protected characteristic (i.e., age, gender, disability, race, religion). If you have ever been a victim of age discrimination in your employment years, consider hiring an age discrimination lawyer in Houston to seek justice and compensation for the wage loss, mental and physical trauma you faced at the hands of your employer.

How Can An Age Discrimination Lawyer In Houston Help Me?

Have you lost out on a job opportunity because of your age? Have you ever been denied a promotion or a fair raise in salary and perks on the grounds that you were over 40 years of age? Have you ever been targeted or treated badly or harassed because you were over-age? Did you lose a job because the HR had someone younger to replace you? Did you lose out on getting employment-related benefits simply based on your age?

If any of the above applies to you, you must surely seek legal advice and help from a prominent age discrimination lawyer in Houston, at The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC. You need to speak and take professional help and guidance from an experienced lawyer who is well aware of the in’s and the out’s of the Texas law as well as the federal laws related to age discrimination. The lawyer will first investigate your case thoroughly to understand if the claims made by you against your employer can be proven in court or not. For this they would require:

  • The detailed company policy manual,
  • Information about your particular situation.

It is important to remember that there are deadlines tied to your age discrimination claim. Hence don’t delay. Choose the best age discrimination lawyer in Houston to represent you with your case. Remember also that your lawyer will help in working out an out-of-court settlement if possible as court cases can sometimes be long-drawn and expensive.