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Stand Up Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has been a problem for employees at workplaces for sometime. But, more and more employees are standing up for their rights. If you are someone who finds himself/herself in a place that you find sexually harassing then you should immediately consult a lawyer who deals with such cases. You should first consult the Human Resource department of your office and let them know that you have been harassed. However, if that department fails to take any actions against the person who harassed you then you should definitely go for a lawyer specialized in this field.

You might find that your office environment is hostile, and you do not feel comfortable with the comments of one or more of your co-workers. The comments are generally sexual in nature and they make you uncomfortable. Your employer or co-workers might make lewd jokes, make sexual advances towards you or also comment on you sexually. They might not stop even when you tell them that you are uncomfortable and such a situation makes you eligible to seek the help of a sexual harassment attorney. Even if some sexual joke is not directly addressed to you but you find it offending then you may be able to file a case of sexual harassment. If someone makes racist, sexist or gender-biased comments then that can also make the office atmosphere hostile and one can potentially have a case against the company/employer.

You should also take an active stance when you decide to file a sexual harassment case. You must keep a record of all the offending incidents and the time and date on which they took place. You should also make sure to keep any offending email or picture that you might have received as they would make your case stronger and help your lawyer build a better case for you.

In order to choose the right sexual harassment lawyer in Houston, you should try seeking recommendations from your known circle. Maybe you will find someone who has previously faced such incidents and sought the help of a lawyer. However, if you fail to find a recommendation then you will have to make the search on your own. You can use the internet to find sexual harassment attorneys. After you get the list make sure you talk to many of them before you finally choose one. It is important that you get someone who is experienced enough and has previously handled a case that is similar to your facts. You should also discuss the fees of the lawyer before finally choosing one.

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