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Are You A Victim Of Workplace Retaliation?

Retaliation in the workplace includes adverse actions taken against an employee for making a complaint of discrimination, harassment, filing a claim or reporting illegal activity by the employer. Mild retaliation is generally a pattern of unfair treatment imposed on an employee for “stepping out of line”. Harsher retaliatory responses usually involve failure to promote, a threat to job security, negative transfers, schedule changes, wage reduction and/or termination. Regardless of the reason, retaliation is unlawful!

Because such acts are done vindictively and underhandedly they can be a bit more difficult to prove, but if you have maintained good records and can present them coherently, I can get you justice.

Keep A Record Of All Wrongdoing

It may be difficult for you to tell whether or not your employer is retaliating against you. Start gathering evidence as soon as something seems amiss. Compile the following to share with The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC at our first meeting:

  • Emails that show unfavorable treatment
  • A record of phone or in-person conversations
  • Official reports of demotions, passed over promotions, etc
  • Paychecks that show a reduction in wages
  • Include dates on all the above reports

All of this information can be used by attorney Marjorie Murphy to develop a strong claim against your employer. Ms. Murphy has over 20 years of experience within the field of employment law, and on both sides of the case. She knows what evidence is necessary to develop a strong claim, and the arguments that your employer will use in an attempt to disprove accusations of retaliation.

Partner With A Strong Litigator

While we always try to settle cases outside of the courtroom, this is not always possible. If we think that it will benefit your case, we will take your retaliation claim to court. Ms. Murphy is a capable litigator who will fight for your rights and the best outcome possible. Trust our team to work with your interests in mind. Because your well-being is at the heart of every case.

Let Us Protect You From Wrongful Retaliation

Your employer should never retaliate against you for filing a just claim or reporting workplace wrongdoing. If they do, The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC, is ready to protect your rights. Call us at 832-559-2890 or contact our Houston office online. All meetings are confidential. We want to hear your story, and believe what you say. Let us serve as your legal advocate during this stressful time.