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Protecting The Rights Of Workers In Houston And Beyond

Have you been the victim of discrimination on the job? Have you been harassed for your race, religion or gender? Have you been denied employment opportunities due to a disability or your age? You have the right to be treated fairly, and an experienced attorney can ensure that both you and future employees are protected.

At The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC, I have focused on employment law since the beginning of my career. While I represent employees now, I have worked for employers in the past and will use that knowledge to build a compelling case for you. I represent workers from all industries and all types of jobs, and I will defend your interests no matter your nationality, religion, gender or age.

You deserve an attorney who can fight for your rights in or out of the courtroom. I have the experience to deliver.

Protecting You From Discrimination

Because I have focused my practice on employment law, I have intimate knowledge of the many ways that workers can be mistreated by their employers. I have worked on a wide variety of discrimination cases, including:

As your attorney, I can help you fight for fair treatment. I will answer questions about what you should do when facing discrimination, help you file formal complaints, and more.

Ensuring That You Are Treated Fairly

Not only do I represent employees who have suffered discrimination, I also fight to ensure that employees in all industries are paid fairly. If you have been paid an unfair wage or denied the overtime pay that you are due, I will defend your rights and ensure that these wrongs are made right.

In addition to offering you legal guidance and negotiating with your employer, I will act as a fierce advocate for you in court if your concern cannot be resolved through negotiations. Having worked on both sides of employment law cases, I know how employers will build their cases and how to protect you throughout litigation.

Work With An Attorney Who Focuses On Employment Law

You deserve to be treated fairly in any job or industry. If you have been the victim of discrimination, contact my office online or call 832-559-2890 to schedule a free initial consultation.