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Protecting Employees’ Freedom Of Religion

Have you been penalized for taking time away from work to observe a holiday that is not officially recognized by your company? Have you been denied a position based on your religious clothing? Are you treated differently for your faith? Your ability to follow your faith is an essential freedom, and if your employer is not treating you fairly because of those beliefs then you have the right to fight for equal treatment.

At The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC, I work to defend the rights of Texas workers to ensure that every employee is treated fairly. If you have suffered discrimination because of your beliefs, I can help you defend your interests. You could be eligible for wages lost due to the discrimination you have suffered, reinstatement of a lost job or other compensation. I can help you fight for that compensation.

You Have The Right To Live Your Faith

Whatever way you observe your faith, your employer is required to make reasonable accommodations to allow you to make those observations unless it is an undue hardship due to cost, safety concerns, efficiency issues or infringing on the rights of other employees.

If your religion has specific guidelines for your hairstyles and facial hair, recommends specific head coverings, has prohibitions against certain garments or other specific guidelines, you have the right to pursue that form of dress as long as you can do so safely. You have the freedom to observe religious holidays even when your employer doesn’t recognize them. If prayer at certain times is a part of your religious guidelines, your employer should accommodate that prayer time.

Your employer also cannot treat you differently due to your faith. They cannot force you to participate in their religious activities as a part of your employment. They cannot segregate you based on your faith.

If your faith has not been accommodated, I am here to help. You have the right to be treated fairly by your employer, and I will help you file a complaint, negotiate with your employer and take your case to court if necessary. Protect your rights as an employee — contact an experienced employment law attorney today.

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