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Your Employment Law Resource When Facing Racial Discrimination

Texas employees deserve to be respected no matter their race or nationality. If you are not respected and experiencing workplace discrimination, however, it is important to know that you have the right to defend yourself against that mistreatment. An attorney can help you seek justice, whether the discrimination is overt or more subtle.

If you have been treated differently on the job or in a job interview because of your skin color, you have a strong ally on your side. With experience working on both sides of employment law, Houston-based The Murphy Law Practice, PLLC, now works exclusively with employees to ensure that every worker is treated fairly. I will help you file a complaint, negotiate with your employer and take your case to court where necessary. You deserve to be treated fairly, and I will help you fight for that fair treatment.

Racial Discrimination Takes Many Forms

The law protects you from being discriminated against because of your race. However, despite those legal protections, racial discrimination still occurs in many places of employment. Discrimination can take many forms, including:

  • Racial slurs or offensive remarks about a person’s skin color or race
  • The display of racially offensive symbols
  • Difficulty getting hired or promoted because of race or cultural name
  • Lower pay or benefits as a result of race
  • Being fired or laid off because of race

While these may be more overt forms of discrimination, you are also protected from other forms of discrimination. If your employer has discriminated against you because you wear a traditionally African American hairstyle, for example, that behavior and potentially your employer’s uniform policy could be unlawful.

Much of racial discrimination is caused by unconscious bigotry, which makes it especially difficult to identify and address. Reaching out to an attorney could be an important step in righting these wrongs even if you aren’t entirely sure that you have been the victim of discrimination. I know the protections that the law offers you, and through a free consultation, I can help you identify whether you can pursue a discrimination case against your employer.

Tell Me More About The Discrimination You have Experienced

Whether you are certain that you are the victim of discrimination or are uncertain that you have a case, talking to an experienced employment law attorney can help. Call my office at 832-559-2890 or contact me online for a free consultation about your case.